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Protect Your Assets and Preserve Your Estate

Retirement should be a time of stress free relaxations shared with the ones you love

Why Continue to Risk Everything?

You and one guest (must be 50 or over) are invited to join Master of Ceremonies for this event, Jessica R. Musto, at a free event exclusively devoted to your financial needs. We will explain – in plain English- the latest proven financial strategies to establish your security and independence for a lifetime.

Now is the time to develop the confidence and knowledge you will need to make the decisions that will affect your family’s financial well-being in the future. Whether you are married, single, widowed or divorced, you cannot afford to miss this event!


Topics we’ll discuss:

  • 10 Keys to Helping Secure Your Financial Future
  • Why you need effective retirement planning that you understand
  • How to maintain your lifestyle in retirement
  • Learn why the majority of IRA/401(k) beneficiary designation forms are filled out incorrectly, and the devastating impact this can have on you and your loved ones
  • Achieve peace of mind by having a comprehensive income plan
  • How to leave a tax-free legacy to your loved ones
  • Don’t let history repeat itself- protect your savings from market fluctuations
  • Does your current portfolio fit your personalized Risk number?
  • Learn about a revolutionary new approach to finding out your retirement number!
  • 72% of Americans age 65 and over will need some king of Long Term Care

This is an educational program only. There is no cost or obligation and nothing will be sold. Enjoy a complimentary meal, served immediately after the presentation.

Reservations are required. Seating is limited, and fills quickly.

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